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    The Demand for Program Management & Process Engineering Services in the AR Ecosystem - SOLVED

    Letter from the CEO -                                                                                              Original post for EWTS2019: Lance-AR unveils next phase of Engineering Services to drive scaled AR deployment.

    I founded Lance-AR in 2018 out of pure frustration at the lack of companies that had deployed AR at scale in the face of game-changing worker advantages and dizzying ROI's.

    With the vast number of AR-enabling industrial software solutions and the variety of AR hardware options available today, all evolving at Moore’s Law pace, this was not the problem. Rather over my 4 years working with 100’s of companies around the globe deploying 1000’s of POC’s and pilots, it became very clear that the problem was misdirected AR strategy and KPI, and a lack of a business and engineering services ecosystem to drive scale. Hence we formed Lance-AR. 

    Let’s be clear, we are a no-nonsense, straight to the savings, problem solving consultancy and services company, whose goal is to provide our clients more value for every dollar spent than with any other firm they've worked with. We’re focused on AR for the Now-Term. Not AR for a distant future, but AR solutions that impact the current business cycle, and that can be iteratively expanded throughout an organization. AR transformation is not a 1-time project, but an ongoing business process that drives value and competitive advantage. 

    Don’t know how to get started? Is your ‘innovation’ team is stuck in Pilot Purgatory? Are you live but can’t deploy at scale? Is your ROI being squandered and resources wasted? This is where Lance-AR comes in. We have helped drive the largest AR deployments to date, and have witnessed 1000's more who failed to deploy... and we know why. We bring extensive industry knowledge expertise and hands-on AR experience to help you find your path to scaled deployment.  

    So, if you’re an enterprise who wants to implement AR to solve a business problem, look to Lance-AR to accelerate your AR journey and ensure a successful outcome. Learn about our service offerings in the flipbook below, including our new process engineering service, and let's determine how we can partner to put AR to work for you - with a concrete plan for scaled deployment. 

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